About Reiki

Reiki is an ancient healing art form that uses the life force energy known as Chi or Ki. Known by many names in many cultures, Ki from Japan is where the word Reiki was derived from.

Reiki is an electrical type energy. This is the basic energy that flows through all living things.

Reiki healers have had their body energies channeled, opened and cleared of obstructions with Reiki attunements. The Healers not only receive more life energy or Chi for their own healing, but become connected, to the source of all universal Chi. The attunement does not give the healer anything new, but opens and aligns what is already part of every one. Reiki I healers channels Ki or Chi directly through the touch of the hands, level II healers can channel energy remotely.

The flow of energy travels to the needed areas of the body, without the direction or the knowing of the healer.

Unlike an aspirin, Reiki not only removes the pain, but fixes the source, of the problem. Regular aches and pains can be removed with one or two visits, broken bones take longer, Cancer can take several months. It is recommended what ever you have that you seek the expertise of a doctor. Broken bones must be set before Reiki is used,or they will heal in what ever position they are in. The Healer has no control over this energy force, but is used as a tool for it's transfer.